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The Books of Ryuu

The Books of Ryuu

An Interactive, Illustrated CD-ROM

Written by Joel Shaul, based on characters created by Joel Shaul and Rebecca Klaw.

The Books of Ryuu – $20.00 + S&H

The Books of Ryuu can be purchased with check or purchase order using the downloadable order form, or it can be purchased by clicking on the link above to PayPal.

The Books of Ryuu Contains:

• Browsable chapters called “Books.”

• Clickable map of Ryuu.

• Clickable Display of every Ryuu card.

• Profiles of all 6 Dragons and all 35 Light and Dark Forces.

• Short stories featuring the Dragons of Ryuu.

• Short poems about each of the Dragons and Forces

• “The Book of What Shall Be” chapter shows the reader how the dragons evolve in their social skills development -
and how humans can evolve, too!

*  Terrific for projector or smart board for groups or a class

The Books of Ryuu CD-ROM presents the mythology of Ryuu in an interactive format designed to both fascinate and instruct.  Browsing through the beautifully designed pages, you can learn about the Dragons and the Forces of Ryuu.  There is an interactive map, there are stories and poems about each of the Dragons and the Forces, and there is a glossary that defines such terms as “Garplunk!” (what the Dragons of Ryuu say to each other after they sneeze).

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