Ryuu – The Game
Social Skills Activities

Our Original Ryuu 2009 Package –
Two Ryuu card decks and two CD ROMs

Created by Joel Shaul and Rebecca Klaw

Ryuu – The Game $55.00 + S&H

Ryuu – The Game can be purchased with check or purchase order using the downloadable order form, or it can be purchased by clicking on the link above to PayPal.

Ryuu – The Game Features:

2 decks of 62 trading cards.

The Books of Ryuu CD-ROM.

The Game Guide CD-ROM.

This original package, released in 2009, requires computer CD drive access.

The Books of Ryuu CD is an interactive CD with colorful and abundant interactive, clickable features including a map, glossary, card guides and character guides.  There are illustrated stories and poems about all of the Ryuu characters. It is designed for computer use and does not feature printable materials.

The Game Guide CD provides instructions and written materials to play several Ryuu games, including:

  • A memory game
  • A question and answer game based on the Ryuu characters
  • A fantasy role playing game

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