Ryuu Trading Cards Plus

Created by Joel Shaul, Elaine Kramer, and
Rebecca Klaw.  Illustrated by Aaron Parks.

Ryuu Trading Cards Plus $30.00 + S&H

Ryuu Trading Cards Plus can be purchased with check or purchase order using the downloadable order form, or they can be purchased by clicking on the link above to PayPal.

This set includes one deck of Ryuu Trading Cards and a small flash drive containing two PDF files to show on a computer and/or print. One file is the illustrated Introduction to the Ryuu dragons. The other printable file gives very clear, illustrated instructions for laying out the 62 cards and finding which of the dragons are most like you.

Click on a card to see a slideshow of the Dragons and Forces of Ryuu!

Each Deck of 62 Cards Contains:

• 24 Cards Depicting the Dragons of Ryuu in Four Stages of Social and
Emotional Development.

• 38 Cards Representing the Forces that Help or Challenge the Dragons as They Evolve from Socially Inept to Socially Skilled Dragons.

Each Ryuu Card Displays:

• Original and Captivating Artwork.

• Content for Facilitating Social Skills Development.

The Ryuu social skills cards follow six Dragons as they evolve in four stages, becoming more socially skilled with every evolution.  Challenging these Dragons are the 17 Dark Forces – invisible villains who make us all socially inept.  Helping the Dragons are 18 Light Forces – invisible heroes who help us all to be socially successful.

You can use these beautiful illustrated social skills cards to begin discussions with children and teenagers and even adults about improving their social and communication skills.  You can use the cards to add interest to your existing repertoire of social skills teaching activities.

Find out which of the Dragons of Ryuu is the most meaningful to your student, your client or your child.  Do they identify with:

• Oratar, who loves to talk, but doesn’t know how to listen

• Amitar, who wants friends but doesn’t know how to get them

• Emotar, who feels worried and sad, but longs to be brave and happy

• Xplotar, who is full of anger like the Dragons of old

• Empathar, who wants to know what others are feeling, but cannot

• Remota, who feels like a stranger among her fellow Dragons

Come join the Dragons of Ryuu as they evolve to become masters of their social world!

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