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The Ryuu Bundle

The Ryuu Bundle™
Social Skills Activities

Using a Fantasy World of Dragons
to Build Social Skills in Humans

Created by Joel Shaul and Rebecca Klaw

Dozens of social skills activities with beautiful and engaging printables

The Ryuu Bundle $65.00 + S&H

The Ryuu Bundle can be purchased with check or purchase order using the downloadable order form, or it can be purchased by clicking on the link above to PayPal.

The Ryuu Bundle Features:

• 2 decks of 62 Ryuu cards.

• Sturdy sleeve pages to hold individual cards

• The Ryuu Bundle Flash Drive, with a lanyard, containing:

~ Illustrated social skills worksheets
~ Abundant coloring, drawing and creative activities
~ Updated Ryuu social skills card games
~ Illustrated dragon stories and poems for social-emotional learning

The Ryuu Bundle is an extensive set of social skills learning activities influenced by Pokémon and other fantasy genres. The materials feature six appealing dragon characters whose social and emotional challenges resemble those seen in humans with autism. The social skills worksheets, reading activities and social skills games are flexibly designed to be used with a range of children from early readers through teen years, in group, classroom or individual settings.

Your Ryuu Bundle Flash Drive, packed with PDF files, gives you easy access to this wide assortment of social skills learning resources. Many of these are illustrated worksheets filled with images of the Ryuu characters. Other learning materials, designed for computer display, projection or smartboard, are designed to draw visual learners into your social skills lessons.

To ask us questions about any of our Ryuu products, please contact us.