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Ryuu Testimonials

What People Are Saying about Ryuu products:

“I just wanted to say how great the Ryuu cards are.  My seven year old grandson told me they are already ‘in his heart’ and help him to understand his life.”

– Sharon

“Our summer social groups for children with autism/Asperger’s incorporated the dragon theme this year.  We found the Dragons of Ryuu to be hugely motivating for the students.  Many of the kids related to particular dragons and tried hard to help their dragon ‘evolve’ and become more socially appropriate.  This is a wonderful resource for elementary-aged children, and I will be mentioning it in all of my future presentations!”

— Rebecca Moyes – Autism Consultant/Trainer

“No. 1 best tool I have ever come across.  Love the dragons and the evolving is awesome!… Ryuu is a wonderful tool to catch the interest of the Asperger’s and PDD population we serve.  This method is really attractive to the kids.”

— Gina L. Mackin, MSW/LSW
Wonder Kids Supervisor, North
Wesley Spectrum Services, Pittsburgh, PA

“As a speech-language pathologist specializing in the communication needs of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), I often hear from parents, educators, and therapists asking for help in teaching ‘social skills’ to children with ASD.  I strongly recommend the Ryuu card game as an intervention method for developing the cognitive skills needed for social communication.  The graphics are very captivating and entertaining, and the role-play allows children to have fun at the same time they are working on such skills as theory of mind and critical thinking.  In my opinion, this is perfect for use with social groups in the schools or during play dates in the home.”

— Janice Nathan, M.S., CCC-SLP

“Ryuu – The Game brings proven cognitive-behavioral strategies to an engaging set of activities and exceptional visual appeal.”

— Jill Fain Lehman, Ph.D., cognitive scientist
Owner of KidAccess, Inc., and parent of a child with ASD

“I have been using the Ryuu cards and games in my music therapy practice.  It has just been amazing to see how the children respond.  They are immediately drawn in by the stories and the artwork and love the idea of moving up levels as they learn new skills.  Both boys and girls enjoyed the cards.  I highly recommend them to anyone working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.”

— Mimi Sinclair, MM, MT-BC
Music Therapy Services, Cincinnati

“The cards are well thought out.  The illustrations are breathtaking.  [The Books of Ryuu] is fascinating to look at and read.  It teaches and entertains at the same time… Dragons symbolize people with autism and the problem and challenges they face.”

— Lauren, age 13

I just want you to know how happy I am to have found these cards.  I have a clinic for providing ABA Therapy to kids with Autism.  One of the issues we have is finding creative ways to teach social skills.  Another issue we often face is finding age appropriate activities for high functioning older kids who can be delayed in their play skills.  I recently have had several of these types of clients (middle school age) who are still playing with Pokemon cards.  I’ve been wanting to find a cards game a little more advanced and socially acceptable to peers to replace the more elementary card game.  The only thing I could find was Magic but as I’m sure you’re aware the graphic art in that card game can be a bit too advanced for children.  The Ryuu game looks like it will not only be a wonderful tool to teach social skills but also a more age appropriate activity for the older kids I’m working with.
I’m very excited to see how my team develops goals and targets using the Ryuu game and cannot wait to see how the kids respond.  Thank you for your creativity and contribution to the field.  I will be sharing this wonderful game with as many of my colleagues as possible very soon I’m sure.

Best regards,

Sally M. Way-Tully M.A., BCBA

Executive Director

ABA Therapy Center, LLC.