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This Special Ryuu Game is Unique to This Web Site!

In the following social skills activities, you will follow the Dragons Xplotar and Remota as they master different social skills lessons.

Playing as Xplotar and Remota, you will be presented with three different social situations, and for each situation, you will be given four different choices for how to respond.  Pick a response to see if you are under the influence of the Dark Forces, or are being guided by the Light Forces.  Choose the help of the Light Forces to evolve and win the game!

Click the Links Below to Pick
a Place for Xplotar to Travel

Xplotar at Bleakwood Forest

Xplotar at the Crossroads

Xplotar at Bandi Desert

Click the Links Below to Pick
a Place for Remota to Travel

Remota at Bleakwood Forest

Remota at the Crossroads

Remota at Bandi Desert

Click on the Map of Ryuu
to See Where Xplotar and Remota Will Travel

Ryuu Map