Read the story below, then choose how Remota
should respond to evolve to the next stage
of social development.

Remota was watching and guiding some younger Dragons as they played Knightcastle, a board game (something like chess) that Dragons love to play.  An Elder came by and asked Remota if she would agree to be a Knightcastle Coach every afternoon for the next month.  The Elder offered to give her a fine collection of round pebbles as a reward for doing this job.  This job would be quite an honor for Remota and she loves round pebbles, but usually in the afternoons she spends time flying by herself, way high up in the sky, thinking about the faraway planet where she was born.  What should she do — give up her afternoons of peaceful flying for a month and be the Knightcastle coach or continue to fly by herself every afternoon?

1. Remota should ask the Elder if she could think about this and get back to him later in the day.  She needs time to calm her body down a little (she realizes she is awfully tense!) and think this situation through.

You go, girl!  Excellent plan of action.  Remota has learned from the Light Forces, Cope-a-setic and Emotional Know-How.  Congratulations.  You have evolved! If you want, you can play again.

Click the thumbnails to see the Cope-a-Setic and Emotional Know-How cards.

Cope-a-Setic Emotional Know-How

2. Remota feels her body getting tense and she begins breathing quickly, blowing wisps of smoke into the Elder’s face.  This decision makes her anxious and worried, and she wants to fly away, up into the sky where no one asks anything of her.

Remota seems to be under the influence of Constrictor.  She wasn’t able to cope with this difficult decision.  Too bad!  Try another answer.

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3. Remota should tell the Elder that she couldn’t do this because she always does something else in the afternoons and doesn’t want to change her routine.

The Dark Force, Rigidity, seems to have Remota in his invisible grasp.  She can’t change her routine even for a good job that would last only a month.  Try another answer.

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4. Remota should think this through and decide that although she loves to fly very high, all alone, she can do that later in the day — even in the moonlight.  She likes the idea of coaching the young Knightcastle players and she wants those round pebbles.  The schedule change might be hard, but she will get through it.

Hurray!  Good decision for Remota.  She is being so flexible — did the Light Force, Flexibility, help her with this?  She certainly told the invisible villain, Isolator, to get lost!  Congratulations.  You have evolved! If you want, you can play again.

Click the thumbnails to see the Flexibility and Isolator cards.

Flexibility Isolator