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Ryuu Cards

Explore the Ryuu Social Skills Cards

Evolve along with the Dragons of Ryuu!

Each Dragon, each Dark Force, and each Light Force in Ryuu The Game has been created to teach important social skills lessons.

Look at each of the cards and think about which Dragon you are like.  How do the Dragons evolve as they learn social and communication skills?  Which invisible Forces will help them or hinder them?  Let the Dragons of Ryuu be your guide as you master the world of social skills.

Click on a card to see a slideshow of the Dragons and Forces of Ryuu!

Meet the Dragon

Remota feels like a stranger among her
fellow Dragons.

Meet the Dragon

Amitar wants friends but doesn’t know how
to get them.

Meet the Dragon

Empathar wants to know what others are
feeling, but cannot.

Meet the Dark Force

Indifference tries to make you forget that
others have their own feelings and that these
feelings matter.

Meet the Dark Force
Black and White

Black and White tells you that everything is
black and white, good or bad, with nothing in
between, and that if someone does something
bad, then they are all bad.

Meet the Dark Force

Rigidity tries to make you think that your
way is the best and only way.

Meet the Light Force

Empathy helps you to notice the feelings
of others and to remember that their
feelings are important.

Meet the Light Force
Gray Beauty

Gray Beauty reminds you that things are not
just black and white, or good or bad, and that if
someone does something wrong, that does not
usually mean that they are all bad.

Meet the Light Force

Flexibility helps you to see that there are
other ways to do things and think about things.